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MC / Suspense

A club burdened by the debt of its forefathers.

A generation awakened.

Founded on the basic principles of loyalty and honor, the Fallen Aces MC was created to be a home for the destitute and weary, a place for those who didn’t feel welcome in society to find a sense of family. Yet, over time, morals are lost, lines are blurred, and only when chaos rains down on the life they’ve built, will the second generation members realise the time for change starts now—with them.

Outlaw men who must right the wrongs of their predecessors in order to survive.

Their women, challenged to keep balance and order in a dangerous and unpredictable world.

In a world of broken trust, dirty paybacks, and the desperate fight for survival, only one thing is for sure … Love never comes easy.

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THIS is what I was screaming earlier this year when I discovered Max Henry and The Fallen Aces .... "YES YES YES YES .... I have found a new MC read that is #fridiculously phenomenal!!"



- Jessica Alcazar


Max Henry you are amazing. Not only does your MC series rival Sons of Anarchy, but I totally wish

it was a TV series.


- Donna Parrott


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