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A murder that’s not as straight forward as it seems. A crew of hit men whose world is about to get a little bit darker …

When one of their own is killed in cold blood, the Butcher Boys are forced to look outside their circle of trust for help.


Estranged families, histories buried, and alliances with the people they least expect to have on side—the Fallen Aces MC. What starts as a journey for revenge, ends as a bloody drug-fuelled war for survival. 

In a world of brutal paybacks and ruthless bartering, can there be room for love?


Or will the lawless life they lead bear too much pain for the heart to overcome? 

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I LOVED every single second of the Butcher Boys series, I orignally read this series as they were published & the wait in between each was painful... this saves the wait.

From the very first word until the final word Max Henry left me speechless, riveted!



- Kristy, Goodreads


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