Rock Star Standalone

“What’s it like?” he asked me. “To be happy all of the time?”
Truth was, I didn’t know how to put it into words. So I showed him. Love, laughter, and life. I gave Dark Tide’s lead guitarist a glimpse of it all.
He wanted more. I longed to give it to him.
But every so often fate slips up. Soulmates meet while on incompatible paths. The only thing certain about our future was that there couldn’t be one.
“What’s it like to be happy?” I’m not sure I know anymore.

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An emotional rollercoaster that had me on the brim of tears. 

Another remarkable story for the Dark Tide series.



- Naughty Mom Story Time


Read the blurb, buy the book, and grab the tissues. Amplifier is another freaking masterpiece.


- Lisa Hill, Goodreads


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